2024.01.15Announcement of exhibiting at CES® 2024 2023.11.20inQs Honored With Significant Number of CES® 2024 Innovation Awards 2023.11.06Exhibited at ”JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023” 2023.03.01Exhibited at "City-Tech.Tokyo", one of the world's largest global events with the theme of "City-Tech” 2023.01.05SQPV glass exhibited at CES® 2023, an exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA 2020.09.25Published in Bloomberg 2020.09.24Published in Forbes


"Ultra-Low-Light photovoltaic device SQ-DSSC"
Used as an independent power source for IoT

Photovoltaic elements that generate power even in extremely low-light conditions.
For indoor sensor applications, activate various measurement sensors
such as temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, and transmit data wirelessly.

"Colorless and transparent power generation element SQPV"

Capable of generating electricity even in indoor environments.
Colorless and transparent photovoltaic element that can be installed on windows.
Brings "Power generation", "Lighting", and " Heat shielding”.


Stand-alone power supply type
Wireless communication devices 

Stand-alone power supply type Wireless communication devices
Temperature control and position measurement are possible using a stand-alone power supply

Stand-alone power supply type
Explosion-proof wireless communication devices

Stand-alone power supply type Explosion-proof wireless communication devices
Safe design with no risk of explosion.
Used for monitoring and inspection of factory and plant facilities.

Colorless transparent power generating glass 

Colorless transparent power generating glass
Heat shielding and power generating glass.
Transparent and colorless, power generation by installing indoors, interior windows, walls, etc.




inQs is a corporate develops photovoltaic elements based on the concept of energy from light.
We promote technologies with new values for the creation and usage of energy in familiar places.
We have developed the most advanced and efficient energy harvesting glass (SQPV glass and SQ-DSSC) in the world today.

Our products are designed to revolutionize the way we harness energy from the environment.
They seamlessly integrate renewable energy generation capabilities into traditional window systems, providing an environmentally friendly solution for the global market.

Our desire is to be at the forefront of steering the world towards a greener future through our advanced energy-harvesting solutions.
With our dedication to innovation and sustainability, we strive to lead the way towards a greener future with our advanced energy harvesting solutions.


Parent Company IFTL Wins Best Technical Development within Energy Harvesting Award at IDTechEX Show in Santa Clara, USA.
The CES2024 innovation award "Best of Innovation"
Smart Cities
The CES2024 innovation award "Honoree"
Smart Home
Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy
Japan Venture Awards 2016
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year2016