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Introduce of Our Technologies

●We have developed the world’s first, new type of photovoltaic
  element using highly purified SiO2 (synthetic quartz powder).

   Our SQPV (Solar Quartz Photo Voltech) using this SQ (Solar QuartzItz) is thought to generate electricity according to a different theory from conventional n-type and p-type semiconductors. SQ has very many unexplained features. For example, it can be used to produce a clear, colorless solar cell.
These solar cells is that they can be installed actually within building windows, car windows or external walls, unlike conventional silicon solar cells which can only be used in limited locations.

Situation of Development

   Our company was developing the predecessor of this SQ from the 1990s, and announced our SQPV using SQ in 2010. This year, we have carried out trial manufacture of photovoltaic element for use in indoor sensors, and successfully launched temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure measurement sensors that gave output values in the form of wirelessly emitted data.

Features of Development Technology

  • Photovoltaic element using transparent materials such as high purity quartz SiO2 (Synthetic quartz powder)
  • Photovoltaic element /Solar cell made from synthetic quartz, it is first in the world
  • By using raw materials that could be transparent, it is possible to use for windows
  • Because synthetic quartz has heat resistance and durability, it is very useful as a raw material for solar cells.
  • Synthetic quartz that developed for the photovoltaic element / solar cell can be procured in Japan. Moreover, it is effective in reducing the raw material cost.
  • Photovoltaic device using the SQ is able to generate of power under the environment of low illumination, such as room.
  • Synthetic quartz is able to simplify the structure of the photovoltaic element / solar cell. Therefore, it is advantageous in reducing the manufacturing cost.
  • Photovoltaic device/solar cell using synthetic quartz is easy to increase the size of the cell, because power distribution and collector technology is not required. And the cost reduction of the cell itself can be expected.

● We found a new functionality from the easily available materials, and also we will
  perform the development and planning design of the product that take advantage
  of the characteristics of the materials.

  Now, we has continued the development and planning design of the photovoltaic
  device using the Solar Quartz (SQ).
  Solar Quartz (SQ:It's new material made from synthetic quartz)

Developed products

  • 『SQPV』       It is colorless and high-transparency photovoltaic elements.
  • 『SQ−DSSC』It's a photovoltaic element for generating power under extremely
                         low illumination.

Market of interest

  • Power replenishment is necessary terminal devices market.
    Example : mobile phon, wearable phon
  • The market which needs a power supply for control of room environment.
    Example : Materials for Biluding, Factory, Agriculture factory, housing, car
  • Energy harvesting market that require in-house power generation
    under room light source.
    Example : Various sensors, controller